Friday, October 17, 2008


In the workplace where I am training, I find a lot of fellow Filipinos - young and old, new immigrants, old timers - everywhere and around me. Not that I don’t like to associate with other nationalities but it is such a relief to be able to work with somebody who shares your language, your sentiments, your culture.

But alas, character flaw recognizes no race.

Sadly, there is one Filipino Assistant Manager there who is giving her fellow Filipinos a hard time than they already deserve. She barks instructions arrogantly, embarrasses her direct reports in front of others, and tends to look down on others. (Thank God she is not my trainer!)

One time that I talked to her, I could feel the wall that so distinctly divides us. She obviously doesn’t like me as she would not even acknowledge me even when it’s only the two of us present in one room. She is the subject of complaints and tirades from her co-workers, branding her as “mayabang, akala mo kung sino, parang langaw na nakatuntong sa kalabaw”.

Curiously though, she is the exact opposite when talking to the big bosses and fellow managers. She is very polite and respectful, as if “di makabasag pinggan”.

(I have read somewhere that the true test of character is not so much on how we deal with the people above us, but how we deal with the people below us, those who are helpless, defenseless and are not in a position to repay us for our kindness.)

It happened that a very unhappy Filipino customer came to the store with a complaint one day and was attended to by this Assistant Manager. To cut the story short, their conversations did not end well, with the former feeling unhappier than he first came to the store.

“Can I have your complete name?”, said the angry customer just when he was leaving.

“My name is ____________ _____________ and I am the MANAGER here!” she responded, emphasizing the word manager.

“You know what? I am surprised that you are a Manager. You certainly don’t act like one!” he quipped.

Then he turned to the associates and said - "You unlucky guys, I can just imagine what you're going through with her as your boss".

When the customer left, the Assistant Manager predictably went into a rampage, swearing and cursing “ang yabang-yabang, porke duktor siya, akala mo kung sino. Parang langaw na nakatuntong sa kalabaw

Within my viewing distance, I saw a lot of her direct reports smiling triumphantly. And within earshot, I heard somebody muttering “nakahanap ng katapat”.

Life does have a way of evening things out. What you reap is what you sow.


Droomvla said...

Mas makulog baga kun kapwa mo Pinoy an nagsasalbahe saimo.

Sa 7 years ko didi, damo-damo ako sin mga nakilala na irog sana ---mga may gin papatunayan sa buhay. Anay diyot-diyot man lang kami didi. Wara ngani kami sin 30 ada didi sa bilog na region. Pero mayad ngani kay nakaagi man ako sin mga mayad an ugali. We now enjoy our weekly tong-its nights. hahahaha

Droomvla said...

night lang palan... kay once a week lang. LOL

Gina said...

BAh, Humbug!

So true, it doesn't matter the race- minsan nga it's a kababayan who would be prejudiced, judgmental, arrogant , etc.etc. Case in point, my cousin who recently landed a nursing position at a Florida hospital, isang kapwa Pinay ang nagsusungit at nagsusuplada sa kanya. This Pinay has been working there for years na, akala niya siya na ang pinakamagaling!