Monday, October 27, 2008

Four Seasons

Would you like to experience the four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter – within one day?

Yes, you’ve read it right. Within ONE day. Right here in Winnipeg where we live. We just had one last Saturday.

We woke up to a fine sunny morning that day. Except for a slightly breezy wind, everything was summery perfect. Since the weather was good, the children geared up for some impromptu outdoor activities. While waiting for their breakfast, they hastily ran off to the playground nearby to enjoy the morning sun with only light sweaters on. SUMMER.

About two hours later while I was doing the laundry at the wash room, I was pleasantly surprised by the soft rhythmic sounds of raindrops hitting the roof, or so I thought. I was surprised because it was the first time since the day we arrived here that I am hearing raindrops fall. I went out to see only to find out that the sun was gone and the sky was dark with clouds. The soft rhythm that I heard earlier was actually the sound of flurries (snow) hitting the roof. I spent the next minute dusting off the tiny snow crystals scattered all over our porch. WINTER

The flurries were then followed by non-stop heavy rains. Outside, the trees were swaying and dancing as the strong winds hit them. The wind was howling like crazy. Yellow-green and purple leaves fell to the ground in torrents. Our pavement was slushy with mud and rain water. FALL and SPRING.


Welcome to Winnipeg, Melinda.


Droomvla said...

Ako, nagka-asthma ako ngani didi kay pan-o na pirme nahahagkotan an lungs ko kay amo ngani ina na nahale ako kun aga sa balay sadto na sunny, when I go home in the afternoon, mahagkuton na. Kaya niyan, pirme layered an bado. Kun naiinitan ako, titangkas ko layer by layer. Di bale na balhason, basta lain ako nagchi chill sa hagkot.

I guess we were so pampered in the tropics, we only have to bear torrential rain during the rainy season.

cherie said...

hinapot ko an mother-in-law ko, wara sinda paka-experience san exquisite 4 seasons, basi mas mahagkot an area niyo, mel. how nice. ingat kamo!