Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I thank God that He has given me a limited intellect. For if I were so intelligent, I would not have to search for answers to my questions elsewhere and this would have made me self-righteous.

I thank God that He has given me a limited self-confidence. For if I were so confident of myself, I would have overshadowed others with my bloated self-image and this would have made me highly arrogant.

I thank God that He has endowed with less than desirable physical attributes. For if I were so beautiful outside, I would have failed to realize that what is inside of me is much more enduring and this would have made me highly vain and worldly.

I thank God that He has created me with weaknesses and fragilities. For if I were super strong and resilient, there would have been no room for me to overcome my defects and I would not have prospered from glory to glory.

I thank God that He has created me as an imperfect human being. For if I were perfect, I would have relied on my own capabilities and declared that I didn’t need God. In fact, I would have even attempted to equal or surpass God for then I would have been as perfect as He is.

I thank God that I am who I am because of Him. I thank God that because of His goodness, mercy and abiding grace, I will be who He has designed me to be.


Droomvla said...

You sound depressed. Pero basi sala man ako. Pero are you okay? Sabi ni Cherie, enjoy kuno siya san iristoryahan ta didi sa blog. hahahahaha

Mel said...

Hi mariss. i am ok, i think sober is the better term to describe how i feel. i am humbled by all the realizations that i am having right now. thanks for your concern anyway.

i elso enjoy our iristoryahan. it keeps me updated with what's happening with you guys maski laen kita nagchachat or nageemail.

Droomvla said...

Normal lang ina na napi-feel mo, lalo pa autumn na. Ako kun medyo irog sana an mood ko, biburukasan ko intero na ilaw sa balay. Nagla light therapy ako. HAHAHAHAHA Sometimes it helps, minsan naman... talagang mas nalala pa. When that happens, titawagan ko si Mama nan naistoryahan kami sin mga one hour. Kun minsan naman, napa simbahan ako or napa library ako. Or I go window shopping. Ina baga na maliaw-liaw lamang kita.