Monday, May 26, 2008


As a newly-landed immigrant, I was cautioned that I will not get the job that I want right away. Canadian experience is necessary before I can penetrate the professional workforce. To get that experience, I might as well be ready to work on jobs that I don't like as a starting point, they say.

Stubborn as I am, I nonetheless insisted on applying for jobs aligned with my interest and matched with my skills. Having gone this far in my life with all its twists and turns, I have become convinced that only me can set a limit to what I can do. That my capabilities and potentials are those that I say I have. That while God ultimately defines my destiny, I define the opportunities that will come my way.

So I fired off my resume onto jobs where I think I will do best: customer service, retail banking, office management, administration, human resources. I was careful to tailorfit every resume with the requirements of the position.

The first opportunity that knocked at my door was as Service Coordinator of a global company specializing in self-service financial solutions such as kiosks, atms, scanners and portals. My job would involve dispatching the civilian engineers in the field and making sure that they have completed their jobs consistent with the service level agreements. The job would pay well and the benefits are impressive.

My first few days were spent on rigorous orientation and training. The job was fairly easy - all it would take is mastery of the keyboard and familiarity with Canada's geography. I figured that once I memorized the steps, I can do the job even with my eyes closed! Memorization however, is another thing (hehehe).

On my fourth day of training, I quit.

My friends and relatives had mixed reactions. Some agreed, others did not. The latter argued that so many newly-landed immigrants would gladly trade places with me. That I was such a fool for passing up on such great opportunity. That I would end of getting a worst job that pays the minimum wage.

But this is my life, and I know what is best for me. Of course, there wasn't anything wrong with the job, but there was everything wrong with me being there.

The job was very repetitive or mechanical. I cannot imagine myself being glued to my computer and telephone day in and day out, barking orders to the engineers with disembodied voices out there in the field. There's not much room to grow. Even if I stayed on, I knew that sooner or later, I would eventually quit.

More importantly, the job would take away my Saturdays and Sundays being a 24/7 operations. Henceforth, I wouldn' be joining my daughters as we devour our favorite books at the library, a stone's throw away from our apartment. I wouldn't be attending the regular fellowship with my newfound spiritual family every other Saturday night. I wouldn't be taking part in the Sunday church service with my family. I wouldn't be going out mall-and park- hopping with my family.

Bottomline: The job will rob me of the precious time when I do the stuffs that give me joy and make my life meaningful. It was simply not worth it.

I am glad I am into this stage of my life that I know when to quit and when to hold on. That I am no longer like the waves in the sea mercilessly tossed here and there by the wind. And only because I have the right anchors in place.

Three days after I quit my job, I was offered a new job - higher position, higher pay and with Saturdays and Sundays off - at Sears Canada, a retail business.

Coincidence or luck? Hardly. It's my faith at work.


Anonymous said...

hi mel.musta ka na? i stumbled upon your blog, you should have told me you have one already. i like your articles. they are so inspiring.

mel said...

hello.may i know who is this please? kindly send me your identity to my email address if you want to remain anonymous. thanks

moonfacedgirl said... favorite days are those in which i discover something - a new friend, a hidden truth, a great cup of coffee ... thank you for making this one of those days and congratulations on following your heart and for reaping the rewards so soon. i can't wait to read more.

pinky said...

i sent u a comment kaya lang baka sa email add mo na send not here in ur ko ulit now if makikita ko siya sa comment portion

pinky said...

wow okay na...success!!! i saw y comment here already. Im so happy reading ur article one by one. lunch break ko right now and naka leave si mam evelyn so i got this opportunity to use her computer.
by incidence BOSS G was here early morning and he is asking about u then i show ur blog (hope it's okay) kasi I saw how interested he is. he just look at ur pictures kasi dun siya interested. why kaya???
pati other ms staff pinakita ko din but walang tiyagang mag read ng mahaba so sa pictures sila excited lahat. pareho pala tayo ng notion about first job there and its good u are my MODEL kasi u change the notion or apprehensionof new immigrants there as far as working experience is concern.
i'm so happy kasi u got a good job there with good pay. Na fo foresee ko kasi na mas mataas pa ang maa achieve mong position kasi mag a apply ako para makuha mo na ako. ha..ha..ha... actually applying there and receiving a positive answer kahit hindi mo pa ako i-hire will surely help in my score or points. kasi wala akong relative kaya bawas 5 points na agad ako. ang score ko kasi nasa middle pa. i have a separate comment on ANGELS :-)

Anna said...

hi mel. i've been a silent lurker for the longest time, he he. i love your posts, too. they are so positive, so affirming. really, how wonderful it is when we do things not because we have to but because we want to.

keep well,


karen v said...

Hello Mel,

Your life in Canada is a confirmation that God has really planted you and your family there to be blessed more by the Lord, and to be a blessing to others as well.

I had a wonderful time reading your stories and I can see God's hands working in your lives. It's so amazing!!!

Keep updating us about your life in Canada. Writing a blog is such a great way of sharing with us (family and friends) about how you, Ronny and the girls, are doing.

Sister, miss na kita!!!