Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Evening Prayer

Almighty Father, as the evening dawns and this day draws to a close, I'd like to spend this quiet moment with you, reflecting on the day that you have brought me through and thanking you for all the wonderful ways you've met my needs.

As I rest my body in your loving embrace, I pour out my entire being to you - my joys, my pains, my longings, my hopes, my thoughts, my everything. Nothing is ever hidden from you, and so I ask you now to remove even the smallest impurities from my heart and mind. Fill my heart with joy and peace that transcends all understanding, peace that can only come from you.

If I have hurt someboday today because of my insensitivity and carelessness, I ask that you restore that person's heart and soul and find it in his heart to forgive me. And as you restore him, I pray that I will become more sensitive and patient to avoid unnecessarily hurting other people's feelings.

If I have been arrogant and boastful, taking pride in my own abilities without recognizing you as the ultimate source of who I am, I ask for your forgiveness. I recognize fully well that who and where I am today I owe to you. Apart from you, I am nothing.

Dear God, I close my eyes today knowing fully well that the moment I sleep, I am completely under your mecy; my life is in your hands. Thus, if it is your will that I should still see tomorrow, I ask for a good night's sleep. I ask for a healthy body and nourished spirit so that I can fulfill the mission that you have set for me in this lifetime.

My prayer is not complete without thanking you for the endless graces and the miracles that you continue to shower upon me and my loved ones. I am truly sorry for the times when I take you for granted; for the times when I fail to heed your voice; for the times when I am such a rotten soul. I am glad that despite my imperfections and transgressions, you love me just the same. Truly, your love for me is beyond compare.

In Jesus' holy name.

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pinky said...

Every monday on our BS time, we never forget to include u in our prayers aside sa mga personal prayer pa namin.
This is one thing I admire in you, having relationship with GOD, actually TING gave me a birthday gift na book about leadership with relationship to GOD. I really love it, i just forgot the author's name. parang david poa ata yun. familiar ka ba mam.