Saturday, May 24, 2008

Phone Interview

I was looking for a job, so day in and day out, I fired off my resume into the cyberspace, via the various job sites such as, workopolis, etc.

After two weeks, the phone rang with an unfamiliar number in the Caller ID. It was the Hiring Manager of one company that got hold of my resume. He was asking for an interview. I said - sure, where and what time. Over the phone, right now - was the answer.

I was baffled. Having played the waiting game for days on end, is this the way the canadian employers would hire people? But the voice at the other end of the phone sounded professional and credible and even before I could say yes, he started firing off a barrage of questions.

* Tell me something about yourself.
* How did you know about our company?
* What are you looking for in a job?
* How can you contribute best to our company?

Those were the usual introductory questions which I have long anticipated. And having anticipated them, I have sort of already rehearsed the answers in my mind. Common sense dictates that preparedness for such questions pays off if you want to create a good impression for the first 10 minutes.

What followed next was a set of behavioral questions, which I found more difficult yet challenging. The interviewer started discussing hypothetical workplace situations presumably to evaluate my behavioral tendencies.

* Supposing there's a conflict involving two people in the workplace over some pettty issues like somebody taking one's hanger and they exchange verbal tussles right in front of the customer - how are you going to handle it as a leader.
* Tell me a situation in the past where you had an argument with a colleague who is on the same level as you are and how you resolved it.

And he rattled off with other similar behavioral situations.

They say that phone interview is a common-place practice for all industry and at all levels. As for me, it will always be a boggling concept, even though I belong to what they call the tech-savvy generation. True, it spares me of the inconvenience of having to travel but it is not as affirming as a face-to-face interview. I don't get to see the facial expression of the interviewer that gives me an idea of how I am faring. Once the interview is over, I'm clueless how I came across. Promoting myself to a disembodied voice will always be discomforting.

The only thing that I appreciate about it is the knowledge that I have already made the first base in my job hunting. Even if it is an elimination round, I know I've already had the first cut, otherwise they wouldn't have called at all.

Next time the phone rings with an unknown caller ID, I better be ready.


pinky said...

MANA ako sa iyo matiyaga in responsing..hope hindi ka magsawa. BOW ako sa iyo kasi tiyaga mo din gumawa ng ganito pati si BOSS G nagsabi.."ang galing ng batang ito"
I learn a lot from this article, though pareho tayo ng thinking na yung mga ganitong questions eh napaghandaan na natin coz for sure isa yun talaga sa mga itatanong nila. I also got some pointers from what u have shared. ur articulate response trigger the officer who interview u to mesmerize..siguro he cant wait but to meet u personally para maka LISKISAN ka ng husto.
As for me, I submitted pala two resume in PUP, one for the VP for academics and yung isa sa college of DEAN. I was not in proper attire, it so happen na andun yung DEAN ng college of business then his secretary let me in to his room despite na may mga naghihintay na students. He was impress kasi andun yung certificate from hrmd that twice akong nag model employee. right at the spot he interview me about marketing. i believe i satisfy him naman though late na daw ang application ko kasi one week from now eh start na ng school. but he assured me for the next sem. and hopefully if a new teacher will not report, he will call me.
he was also impress kasi very corteous daw ako which hindi na daw makita sa mga students ngayon. Well...sana nga maging positive. The reason why I apply is because I can use it in my point system in my immigrant application, teaching in a state university is additional factor. never mind the compensation kahit talo pa ako. next article please

milette garcia said...

Ditche holding a managerial position in your case right away will not surprise me at all because i knew your caliber.I am very very happy with what God is doing in your life and your entire family. wala akong masabi sa kodakan to the max very beautiful. and knowing the God given talent of your children ,doing excellent job in everything they do is expected.Personally i always pray that Gods blessings will follow u for the rest of ur entire stay their in your new found heavenI love u ditche . miss na miss na kta

mel said...

hi atche. thank you for the affirming words. miss na rin kita. buti natuto ka na magcomment sa blog hehehehe. see you soon in canada!