Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Another Disposable Commodity

In Canada, if you're not satisfied with the product that you bought or the service that you received, you have money-back guarantee subject to certain conditions. For instance, you can return a party dress you wore the night before to a party (provided you keep the tags), claiming that it didn't fit you right. (I know a lot of people doing this sooo shamelessly!) Or you can claim for the current week's sale price of an item you bought at regular price the week before provided your receipts are intact.

The overriding principle behind all of these, is that the buyer has the right to demand value for his money. And rightfully so. You pay for the services that you think you deserve and the products that give you quality.

Sadly though, this same mindset about "value for money, quality-consciousness" has been stretched to the point that it now transcends the value given to relationships, specifically marriage.

A couple enters into marriage with the same "contract" or "rights entitlement" mentality. They wed with certain expectations from each other. And when, in the course of the relationship, the expectations are not met, they have an easy solution.

Terminate the contract, otherwise termed as divorce.

Marriage is seen only as one of those disposable commodities.

"I'll scratch your back, and you scratch mine. Now that you can't scratch mine anymore, what's the point of continuing the relationship?"

"What we have is simply a legal contract, with each party having clear expectations from each other.

Easy way out. No strings attached. No need to work things out. No need to try harder or one more time.

Marriage is not seen as a covenant. God is out of the equation.

No wonder the children end up rebelling. Or drifting without a purpose. Or committing crimes at an early age. Or being left to the care of foster families. Or turning to drugs and crime. Or committing suicide.


P.s. I am not condoning abusive relationships, especially in cases where women are on the losing end. What I am referring to here are ordinary cases of incompatibility and individual differences.


Droomvla said...

It's truly sad...

tessa said...

Hi Mel! I love your blogs too. i've been wanting to leave a message for awhile now. I am also a Christian and have read some of your favorite books. Sometimes i'm despairing what our society has become...but i have hopes... And i am assured that He is very much in control. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good day to you!

cherie said...

huna ko naka-comment na ako didi. thank you for this post, mel. a must-read for all married couples. it is very important that God be in the center of all marriages.

Mel said...

hi marissa. namumundo talaga ako, especially since these are also happening to Filipino families here. damo-damo an problematic kids didi, and the common theme in most cases is dysfunctional family.

Mel said...

hi cherie. thanks for dropping by once again. When God is out of the equation, it is easy for marriage to disintegrate.

Mel said...

tessa, thank you for your nice words about my blog. there is hope for as long as there are people like you who continue to take a stand on what is moral without sounding self-righteous. and yeah - no matter what happens, God is always in control.