Friday, June 6, 2008


The winter season is over and everything around me is literally “springing” back to life.

I hear the soft whistles of birds in their silvery voices, the heavy thumping of yard machines around the neighborhood, the shrill and excited laughter of children swimming in the pool nearby. I smell the delicious aroma of grilled barbecue interspersing with the warm smell of cut grasses and twigs and the fragrance of flowers that bloom everywhere.

The trees are standing proud teeming with life, displaying their grandeur to the onlookers, with their leaves in beautiful hues of green and yellow and purple. Tulips and daisies, carnations and dandelions continuously sprout here and there.

Only two months ago, all I saw around me were white, brown, grey and other shades in between. As if by magic, everything has been transformed to a world of different colors, almost like a paradise garden consisting of red, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple. Traces of snow have disappearedand winter has seemingly become an illusion. Until today, I still cannot believe my eyes.

Witnessing the changing seasons is truly an awesome experience for me. To most people who have grown used to it, they may see nothing special about it. But for me, it has touched the core of my being, leaving a powerful and lasting impression.

There is indeed a rythm in nature, just as there is a rythm in everything. With the changing of seasons unfolding before my very eyes, I am finding a place in my heart pulsating with the same rythm of nature - vibrant, constantly changing and yet remaining the same.

Today, I go through life in a time of rapid change and new adjustments where seconds, minutes and days seem to be merging into a loud crescendo. As I dance with the rythm, I find an incredible peace that subtly weaves the melodies and tunes of my own life into something much bigger. I can't explain what it is. I just feel it pulsating within me. And as I listen to it, I become acutely aware that I am part of a bigger rythm, a beautiful orchestra, a super symphony that connects me to the very source of it all. I know I cannot outlive this rythm, but it renders my life beautiful, punctuating my hours with a quiet call to live life to the fullest.


pinky said...

it seems madali naman kayong naka adjust dyan especially d kids. i'm in d haus so i let my children view ur pictures..ang gaganda daw ng dalawang anak especially d mom. o sila nagsabi niyan. wawa naman daw si daddy theart niyo kasi isa lang ata ang ko siya ang officially photographer ng tatlong models na yan..ha ha ha.
i let them view ur blog so they can have an idea when they are there and start dreaming na din like their mom. i only have simple prayers and our application there is d only big prayer which I always pray...regards and miss you

bloggerette said...

Hi, I"m here na reading your blog and it's likewise interesting but yours has more entries than mine :-). I have an almost regular blog kc in another site....Anyway, thanks for passing by my blog. I will try to add something to what's in there para naman it's worth going back to :-) Take care!

mel said...

hi pinks. yes, adjustment is not at all that hard for us. okay, we were prepared for the worst so imagine how delighted we were when everything surpassed our expectations. God is indeed amazing! I'll continue to pray for you and your family as well. rest assured that you can count on my help once you're here.